Cutting & Styling

I would say that a V shape, U shape line is more maintenance friendly as the bulk of the hair is controlled by adding subtle or concentrated layer.


  • Change of Style

    The stylizing of hair can be considered an view of personal ,grooving, fashion, hair style, although practical , cultural and popular consideration also act upon some hair style .change of hair style without cut the hair and different type of hair style as like – Afro, Afrotextured hair, Beehive,Bighair, Blowout, Bob cut, Bouffant, Boulcut, Braid, bun. Caesar cut, chignon, French braid, French roll, butterfly, Professional etc.

  • Children Hair cuts

    There are different type of hair cut for depend upon the face of child , cultures , religion, gender etc. girl’s hair cut name as like- long hair , midi hair, short hair, plaits & bunches, up does, party hair, blonds, straight hair, curly hair. Boy’s hair cut name- long hair, short hair, spikey hair, blond hair, straight hair, curly hair.

  • Trimming

    Trimming is a very simple & technical process which do the finishing of hair and removal the hair fall. When dandruff in hair then hair fall is started, two mouth hair so remove the two mouth hair by trimming process.

  • U-Shape Cutting

    U shaped back on long hair for a beautiful U shape hair style. Do you see that the hair on the left in straight line almost the length. The women on the right has U shaped line with slightly layered hair. If you have your hair cut into U shape at the back, the layers at the front shorter these the length at the back.

  • One Lenth Cutting

    If your hair is cut in straight line, you risk having to battle with thick bulky hair, then again if you have very fine and sparse hair, your stylist may suggest a straight line cut to avoid fly always and scraggly looking layers.

  • 3 Step Cutting

    There are several hair cutting techniques available. It is one of the most common hair cutting techniques. Your feature in order to feel super sexy and confident getting the best hair cut is smoothing everyone wishes make sure the haircut matches your feel shape . There is no point getting a hair style which is not flattering for you.

  • Multi Step Cutting

    A new stylish haircut can do won dress by enhancing your feature. Updating your style and gives you a good confidence boost , any important changes have affected your life , like going to high school , going to college, getting a job , all these changes need you to adjust to them but changing your wardrobe and your hair style . It is the best to make sure the hair style chosen in age but fear not there are a variety of good hair style available for all ages.

  • Fether Cutting

    Feathering is a term used to refer to finally textured layering. The term involve from the way many layered hair style looked similar to the smoothly contoured overlapping feathers on a body. The hair can be short & smooth or long and curly. To get this look you will definitely have to go under the scissors so as obtain a steeped layered haircut.

  • V-Shape Cutting

    I would say that a v shape line is more maintenance friendly as the bulk of the hair is controlled by adding subtle or concentrated layer. This means that there is less hair present then a straight line when comparing the longest point. Back length of v shape to the singular same length line of a straight cut.

  • Layering Cutting

    If you have long hair, you already know there are too many hair style you can option for. This may seem like a total professional effort but infect you can also achieve this look easily at home. It is a must that you have a stepped layer haircut though. This is a great looks for girls. You need nice graduated bangs for this haircut from a good hair style.

  • Laser Cutting

    Layered hair is a hairstyle that gives to illusion of length and volume using long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume, this way it is easy to style and manage. The layered hair effect is achieved by taking section of hair vertically across the head and cutting straight across.

  • Round Cutting

    A gol cut is also known as round, bowl cut, is a simple and plain short haircut where the hair is cut with a straight fringe on the front and the rest of the hair is the same length all the way around or is cut short on the side and back.